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Compound & Polish
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Bottom Paint
We offer restorative services for all painted and gel coat hulls. No hull is too far gone for us; if it is faded, scratched, dull or spotty, we can usually transform it. We use European professional grade products that are not sold in stores to achieve a glimmering, clear shine. This process is always followed by wax ->
We use a variety of sealants some of which are good for up to six months. Sealing is a crucial part of your boat's maintenance and protecting your investment. Sealing not only adds lustre and brilliance, but it also fills in imperfections on the painted surface and protects it from sun, salt and grime. 
We recommend boaters get a new coat of bottom paint every 1-2 years depending on the condition of the paint job and type of paint used. We paint on trailers or blocks and can get paint for our clients at wholesale prices. We have a partner who does dustless blasting to remove paint, and we then administer new bottom paint from scratch.
Our standard deep clean includes a top to bottom scrub down of the entire vessel, window clean, mildew removal, rust stain removal, vinyl cleaning and moisturizing, fiberglass scuff cleanup, compartment cleaning, head cleaning and cabin cleaning is offered additionally.

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